U.S.A Bingo





  • In a traditional bingo hall the caller would be hosting the game. For a game, you may need to designate the "Caller". A simple way to do this is to have each person draw a ball from the cage. Whoever has the highest number will be the "caller" for that game.
  • The Caller distributes the Bingo Cards and markers to start the game. Each player should mark the "FREE" space, in the center of the card, at the start of the game.
  • The Caller then begins calling the numbers. To stir the balls, turn the handle on the cage towards the front of the cage. To release a ball, turn the handle towards the rear of the cage.
  • The Caller then reads the letter and number on the ball out loud, so all players may hear. Any player who has the called number on their card should mark it. The Caller then places the ball in the corresponding place on the master board.
  • The Caller continues to spin the cage, calls out the letters and numbers and places them on the master board, until someone gets a Bingo. A bingo is 5 spaces in a row- horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • The Caller should check the Bingo against the master board to be sure that the marked numbers have indeed been called. If the card is indeed a winner, the player receives the prize and a new game starts. Otherwise the game continues until there is a valid winning card.

Note: Click here to download bingo cards.